This year, during their Library lessons, Explorer students read several books on the State children’s book award nominee list.  Voting was held during library classes at the end of March and the tally sent into the State Library. Winners were announced during national Library Week in April, they are:

Prairie Bud (K-1st)  Madeline Finn and the library Dog by Lisa  Papp

Runner up: Quit calling me a monster by Jory John

 Prairie Bloom (2nd-3rd): Best frints in the whole universe by Antoinette Portis

 Runner up: Great pet escape by Victoria Jamieson

Prairie Pasque (4th-5th): Step right up:How Doc and Jim Key taught the world about kindness by Donna Janell Bowman

Runner up : Armstrong: the Adventurous Journey of a mouse to the moon. By Torben Kuhlmann

After reading one of the book award nominees, Nanobots by Chris Gall, kindergartners experimented with controlling a robot.  Students used the Dot and Dash robots in the library to explore  the features of the robots and some also used them with their classroom Reading Buddies. 

So far this year Explorer students have checked out books over 16,000 times to read at home and in their classrooms from the Library!